Well-being increases retention and reduces absenteeism which is possibly the single most expensive problem affecting organisations and by investing in the company’s human capital, the employer invests in the company’s growth and productivity.

With exception of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, early detection and intervention through widespread health screenings will have the highest financial, health, and productivity impacts on employee groups and, consequently, on employers.

The increased health awareness and other advantages brought about such widespread health screenings will also aid in better managing the more uncommon but nonetheless disruptive, crippling, and expensive physical conditions like chronic renal failure.

The success of a firm depends on the health of its personnel, thus widespread corporate health screening will help that success.

Our services include

  • Nutrition and well-being
  • Corporate wellness days
  • Full customisable packages based on your company’s needs
  • An anonymous medical survey to evaluate the general staff health requirements
  • Comprehensive report with medical recommendations based on the data received
  • Medical consultations with a doctor
  • Pathology testing as prescribed by a doctor
  • Post wellness day consultations

About Dr Ronit Okun-Netter

Dr Okun has over 20 years of experience as a doctor; She graduated in 2001 from UCT Med School, she then went on to specialize in Family Medicine graduating with Cum laude.

Dr Okun has spent most of her career in the state sector holding many senior and dynamic roles. One of the positions consisted of being the clinical manager and lead clinician at the District 6 clinic located in the heart of the CBD servicing +/-11 000 patients per month.

During the Covid pandemic she worked in the largest Covid-19 field hospital in Africa based at the Convention Centre in Cape Town. Following this she was an integral part of the outbreak response team providing clinical oversight and management for the largest telehealth Covid-19 project run by the Dept of Health where she gained vast experience in Telehealth.

She feels privileged to work in a profession where she can be of service to people and chose to specialize in family medicine as she enjoys the holistic approach to treating people as well as the opportunity to care for the whole family. Dr Okun values the importance of build trusting relationships with her patients. She approaches each consultation in a thorough and comprehensive manner.

Dr Okun is passionate about health promotion and disease prevention which involves empowering her patients to become the healthiest version of themselves by performing health screening, paying close attention to one’s lifestyle, state of mind and environment.

Dr Ronit Okun

I look forward to meeting you and assisting you on your Health and wellness journey.

You can reach out to Dr Okun for a physical or virtual consultation by emailing her on


Dr Okun’s clinical services offered

1. Consultations @ Indalo Bio Clinic, Corner of St Andrews and Regent Road Sea Point

  • One day per week

2. Virtual Consultations

  • Available for virtual consultations on other days of the week
  • If you are needing lab tests done at Indalo Bio laboratory and having the results interpreted
  • Dr Okun can gladly assist with these through her online consultation platform
    (Due to her extensive experience in Telemedicine Dr Okun offers convenient online medical consultations and treatment in the comfort of your home, saving you time and money.)

3. Corporate and Individual

  • General Wellness screening service for women and men: Health screening check-ups tailored according to age/sex/family history, specifically designed to target important lifestyle diseases which lead to chronic illnesses such as kidney and heart failure, diabetes, cancer, etc.
  • Women’s Wellness screening: Focussing particularly on Pap smear and breast examination.

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