HIV related Diagnostic Tests

HIV related Diagnostic Tests

East and Southern Africa are the regions in the world most affected by HIV. An estimated 7.7 million people in South Africa are HIV positive. These statistics emphasise the need to pay serious attention to HIV. Knowing your HIV status, whether positive or negative, can help you stay on the right track to leading a long and healthy life.

Offering HIV-related diagnostic tests for individuals, healthcare practices, hospitals, clinics, and laboratories.

Although there is no cure for HIV yet, it can be managed and treated successfully. Medicine and science have evolved so much that people can still live a long, healthy and happy life when HIV-positive.

Who should get tested?

You should get tested if you:

  • Have had unprotected sex
  • Have recently been diagnosed with another STI
  • Have shared needles or other injecting equipment
  • Are you're worried about HIV and want to put your mind at ease

Types of HIV testing

Normally, testing involves extracting a small sample of blood from your arm or finger or an oral swab.

  • Nucleic Acid Test (NAT): This test can usually detect HIV infection 10 to 33 days after exposure
  • Antigen/Antibody Test: An antigen/antibody test can usually detect HIV infection 18 to 45 days after exposure. These done with blood from a finger prick take longer to detect HIV (18 to 90 days after exposure).
  • Antibody Test: This test can take 23 to 90 days to detect HIV infection after exposure. Antibody tests that take blood from a vein detect HIV sooner after infection than tests performed with blood from a finger prick or oral fluid.
  • Rapid HIV testing: With a rapid antibody screening test, usually done with blood from a finger prick or with oral fluid. The results are ready in 30 minutes or less.

When will I get the test results?

It generally takes a few days to a few weeks for you to get your HIV test results. However, rapid HIV tests can produce results in about 30 minutes.

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