Genome Mapping for Pediatricians


All in a Single Test.

Since small specimen volumes can pose a challenge, Indalo Bio has developed one of the largest pediatric databases in the laboratory industry.

Children with medical complexities represent a growing population in the paediatric health care system.

These complexities involve high resource use and associated health care costs. A genetic diagnosis can inform prognosis, anticipatory care, management, and reproductive planning.

Recent global efforts to sequence the human genome has greatly enhanced the ability to test definitively for many genetic conditions. For many, this allows the diagnosis of disorders that have been previously only been suspected.

Why Genome testing?

Panels tailored to your patients’ specific needs

Over 7,000 genes have been identified in which mutations are associated with a range of medical disorders. This growing knowledge has shown that many genetic diseases and syndromes can have a wide range of symptoms, which often overlap with one another. Finding the specific causal gene mutation in one patient — essentially a needle in the genetic haystack — enables healthcare practitioners to make a firm clinical diagnosis, which can lead to improved treatment or targeted therapies.

Genetic testing for children allows you to:

  • Shorten diagnosis time
  • Tailor healthcare to your patients’ specific needs
  • Determine which medications may be most effective or contraindicated
  • Eliminate or reduce the need for more invasive testing (i.e., muscle/skin biopsies, CSF studies, EMG/NCV testing)
  • Identify appropriate emerging therapies and clinical trials
  • Ensure that you don’t miss diagnosing treatable conditions
  • Identify or predict the risk of disease for family members

We offer one of the broadest paediatric genetic testings.

Our panel tests for more than 1,000 genes and includes:

  • Comprehensive testing in neuromuscular disorders, epilepsy, ciliopathies, and RASopathies
  • Diagnosis of blood cancers and solid tumours
  • Robust testing for inherited metabolic disorders
  • Paediatric developmental disorder diagnosis tests
  • Additional panels covering a wide range of conditions


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